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Ich versteigere zugunsten der Paul Hunter Foundation bei Ebay eine von Stephen Hendry getragene und signierte Weste

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Charity auction - 95% of the price after tax will be donated to the Paul Hunter Foundation
(5% will be used for shipping, fees etc)

Item: Triplesse - Snooker - Waistcoat that has been worn and signed by Stephen Hendry in Fürth, Paul Hunter Classics 2010

Story: At The Paul Hunter Classics 2010 in Fürth/Germany we had a small booth to present our snooker waistcoats. On the second morning we came to our stand and mentioned that two waistcoats are missing. We have been very astonished and thougt they would have been stolen....
A few minutes later someone told us that (probably) Chris Hendry, Hendry's coach, has borrowed the waistcoats for Neil Robertson and Stephen Hendry!
They didn't bring their own waistcoats with them (I don't know if the forgot them or had problems with their luggage) and have been in trouble not been able to start in the tournament without wearing waistcoats.

After the tournament Stephen Hendry signed the waistcoat he has worn.

Now you have the chance to get this sporting memorabilia and help the Paul Hunter Foundation!

Stephen Hendry wearing the waistcoat
Stephen Hendry signing the waistcoat:
The signature on the front of the vest (ca 5 x 1,6 inch):

Triplesse - Dress For Success
Special clothes for the needs of snooker and billard players

Triplesse is specialized in vests for precision sports such as snooker and billiards.

Our products are designed for the special needs of billard & snooker players:

- the special cut avoids the vest from slipping up - no more rearrenging the vest after you get off the table. It stays where it has to stay
- our vests are longer than the usually worn vests
- stretchy fabrics give you a very comfortable feeling
- leather shield above the pocket to protect the fabric
- the pockets have just the right depth to detach the chalk easily
- your armes have much more mobility than in common vests because of our special cut
- we only use high quality fabrics that are very breathable.The front of the vests is made of 100% pure new wool.

You will feel the difference to your normal vest immediately while wearing a Triplesse vest!

Our vests have been developed by textile engineer Ursula Hurth who has the expert knowledge of developing sport clothes for more than 20 years

Triplesse on Ebay
Your puchase contains:
1x Waistcoat signed and worn by Stephen Hendry

free shipping worldwide

Payment options:
- bank transfer
- paypal

We will ship your vest two days after getting your payment at latest.

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