The Belgian Snooker Tour

2 Jahre 4 Monate her #14639 von STEVE LAMBRECHTS
After playing 2 seasons in the GST in Germany and talking about it to Jürgen Kesseler I'm glad ta announce a tour in Belgium ! Many thnx to Jûrgen for letting me use for 80% he's concept. I changed a few things but still the concept is pretty much the same.
Our calendar is out already, places still have to be filled in ? From september. We are using a forum to put yourself on the lists of the tournaments. Membership fee also is 15€ but has to be paid by a banktransfer before entering your first tournament.
Since we are always very welcome in Germany , German players arz off course very welcome to play in the Belgian Tour :)
Here is our webpage , I put a google translater on it so it should be ok to understand everything concerning rules and so on...
40% of the tournaments will be played +- 150 to 200 km away from the ruhr area so I'm hoping to see some of the German players in Belgium :)

Link to our webpage :
Folgende Benutzer bedankten sich: Kesseler

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