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Christian, we have had confirmation that the TCC Pro-Am, which starts at 7:30pm on Thursday 25 June will definitely be televised live via the internet by . The broadcast will be in High Definition, a first for internet based snooker transmission. Due to restrictions only one table will be broadcast live, with the other recorded for rebroadcast.

The press release can be viewed at:- ... tcc-pro-am

The release says:-

“The TCC Snooker Pro-am which features the likes of Mark Williams, Shaun Murphy, Ricky Walden and Ryan Day will be streamed live on Cuesport TV starting on June 25th.

The tournament that is played in a social club with two snooker tables will have matches being played concurrently, due to space restrictions and bandwidth on site it is only possible to stream from one table.

However, as the other matches will also be of interest to our viewers we will be recording the second table for later broadcast.

What is going to be exciting about this is that it means for the first time we will be able to test HD recording and subsequently streaming. It will mean that the HD footage will only be able to be watched at around 3.5meg but the quality should be excellent.

Both the live stream and the HD recordings will only be available as part of the Cuesport TV Subscription which is due to launch iminently. It has already been delayed by two days due to solving some issues with the payment processing company.

HD is always something we have wanted to try but due to bandwidth issues and time constraints in the past it has thus far not been possible, this could be the future of Internet streaming as more and more companies are now trialing it. The BBC i-player now features HD versions of their programmes and cycle team Cervelo now stream HD content over at”


Matthew Hurley

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Donnerstag 25. Juni - Ergebnisse
Trevor White Beat Jak-Jones-3-2

Michael White Michael Griffiths Beat 3-0

Mark Williams MBE Beat Trevor White 4 - 0

Shaun Murphy Beat Michael White 4 --

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